IceByrd Frozen Yogurt is the new froyo sensation taking the industry by storm. Within only three years, IceByrd has managed to do some of the impossible. IceByrd’s business model is a little different than most: instead of building a ton of shops, they believe the shops are already built through schools, sports arenas, and grocery stores! IceByrd has formed strategic partnerships with a majority of Atlanta's professional sports teams, colleges, and high schools to promote and sell their products.

           IceByrd was founded by Juan Crosby in August 2015. Juan was known as Ice growing up, and his late father was known as Byrd. Juan's father had a vision: he wanted to see a healthier product for the kids and the community. Since Byrd's passing, Juan felt a strong obligation to fulfill his father's dream. Thus, the birth of IceByrd.




2260 Northwest Parkway Suite D, Marietta GA, 30067